Ambitlocker has developed a unique, patented padlock that simply and easily handles complex tasks via our integrated software system. Although this may sound a bit complicated, it is actually very simple in practice.

Ambitlocker, a Danish company, has developed a digital padlock that can be remotely controlled via the Internet of Things (IoT). Ambitlocker can make ‘analogue’ lockers and units digital, thus eliminating the bother of keys and administration.

Lock users can book a lock via a QR code displayed at the location. They can also receive a direct booking link via e-mail, text, intranet or other means. Both solutions have been developed to make it as easy and simple as possible for users to access the units without the help of administrators.

Since our system is always online, as an administrator, you will always have a real-time overview of the occupancy rate of all units fitted with our locks. You are also always in direct contact with the users of your locked units. You can communicate with them through our system, send messages and new codes, and remotely open units if necessary.

Ambitlocker communicates with the locks via the wireless technology LoRa. This technology requires very little electricity, and its range extends over huge distances. The LoRa network has already been fully implemented in Denmark, like an ordinary mobile network, but when we install locks at a location, we also set up a gateway (similar to a Wi-Fi router) fitted with a 4G SIM card. This means that we can provide optimum coverage without having to connect our system to your existing network. The locks communicate with Ambitlocker’s software system via this gateway.