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Below are some typical customer questions along with our answers:


Our pricing system is fully transparent. For more details, read here.

Ambitlocker supplies, configures and services all our locks. We send you a parcel with all the locks systematically numbered. All you need to do is fit them to the relevant lockers or units, and you’re ready to go. Read more about our services here .

Yes, Ambitlocker’s all-in-one package includes both the software administration module and the locks. This means we can always offer a solution that best matches your particular challenge.

We create the number of system admin users you request, while all other onboards themselves by scanning the QR code. We display QR codes at your locations for users to scan with their phone. Users can then easily and simply access the desired lock.

Yes, you can buy the lock through our Ambitlocker Lifetime package. You can read more about this particular solution right here.

Our LoRa network has a range of up to 10 km for each gateway installed. This range may be less, for example, in buildings with a lot of concrete or steel between the locations. However, this is never actually a problem as we simply set up as many gateways as necessary to provide full coverage at your specific locations.

There is no upper limit for the number of locks that you can administer. The system is fully scalable.

Yes, our solution works throughout Europe, but as the LoRa network has a different communication frequency in the USA, our solution does not currently work there.

With our software system, you can always track who last opened any given lock. This means that you can always contact the lock user who may have mislaid the lock or taken it with them.

Ambitlocker handles breakages free of charge. We send you a new lock that you can easily fit to the locker.