The lock set-up is extremely simple, with just four buttons for keying in the code:


The code generally requires four to six button pushes, but can be set up according to your needs. Inside the lock is a battery with a five-year lifetime. It goes without saying that we replace the locks when their batteries are drained, thus ensuring you have fully functional locks at all times.

Above the ‘up’ button is a small LED diode, which lights up red if the wrong code is entered.

If the code is entered correctly, the diode turns green, and the lock springs open.

If the code is entered incorrectly three times, the lock will shut down for two minutes as a security measure, after which time the user can try entering the correct code again.

This parameter can of course be adjusted according to your specific needs.

Lock dimensions

The lock is constructed to standard dimensions to fit all standard handle types.
The shackle is 7 mm thick.
The lock has been developed to comply with the third level security requirement of the DS-EN 16864-2017 standard.