Ambitlocker’s business model is based on a SaaS model. This means that Ambitlocker owns both locks and gateways, which are set up at our clients’ locations. From Ambitlocker’s first steps it has been the idea that the solution should be offered as a sustainable service, therefore there is in the design process thought about how the product supports this in all its life phases. In the use phase, it is especially important to optimize the battery life. Thus, both hardware and system design have been optimized to use as little power as possible.

In relation to recycling, the lock is designed so that the majority of the components used in the lock can be recycled in new locks, and as Ambitlocker collects obsolete locks, up to 70% of the parts from obsolete locks will be recycled directly in new locks without further processing. Ambitlocker is also a member of Elretur and meets the requirements of the Danish Producer Responsibility.