Our locks have been fitted on the student lockers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Thanks to our online system, students can easily and simply book a vacant locker themselves. Our straightforward booking flow is easily accessed via the QR codes displayed at the various locker locations.

We have assisted Nordsjællands Hospital by digitalising the analogue metal staff lockers. Via our system, selected administrators at the hospital can simply and easily help hospital staff, so they never have to worry about lost keys and locksmiths again. We have also optimised the hospital locker occupancy rate by giving administrators a real-time overview of which lockers are in use and which are empty.

At Stairway, we have installed a digital cloakroom directly connected to the payment module in our booking flow. We have set up an on-site iPad so guests can directly access our booking flow. If many guests arrive at the same time, they can also book a vacant locker directly via the QR codes displayed next to the lockers at the venue.

DTU equipment borrowing lockers

We are helping DTU to digitalise and manage their equipment borrowing lockers. As our locks are always online and managed via the internet, DTU’s administrators can monitor which students are borrowing and renting equipment.